'Formation' // a group exhibition in collaboration with Zoë Bastin, Charlotte Dayman and Stephanie Grunland.


Installation view of 'Formation'


Exhibiton Didactic:

The meeting of works by four female sculptors sharing a firm sense of materiality and

process. Their communal body of work explores representations of surface, investigating

affects of texture and tactility. Their diversity of practice contrasts their aesthetic and

contextual parallels. Employing processes of material alteration and collaboration ‘Formation’

aims to generate works through combination and transformation of individual practice within

an experimental environment.


Read a review of Formation written by Brigid Hansen here.

Exude (II), 2016

lycra, velour, stuffing, thread, metal hoop


Shackle, 2016

lycra, pleather, thread, stuffing, earrings, metal chain


Sebum, 2016

hula hoop, lycra, calico, cotton corduroy

80 x 55 x 33cm


Stacks On, 2016

55 x 75 x 90cm


(layers top to bottom)

Stephanie Granlund: lycra fabric, thread

Charlotte Dayman: cast plaster

zamara: fabric, stuffing, thread, vacuformed plastic

Zoë Bastin: steel, faux fur, cord, stuffing, besser bricks